The Farmers:

We are partnering with local peri-urban agroecology farmers in greater Johannesburg, to provide the freshest, organic produce. These farmers play a vital role in building a resilient, local food system, We continue to work only with agroecology farmers to ensure we provide the most nutritious food and support soil health and biodiversity, which is critical to human and planetary health.

The Beneficiaries:

Our beneficiaries are key partners and critical to the Ubuntu Projects' success. It is through their willingness to embrace the idea of creating their own food gardens to become producers in their communities that provide a real solution to the challenges of food security. As households become producers within their communities, they will be able to sell their excess produce and seedlings to earn extra income. We are committed to supporting them through this process.

Our supporters:
Whether it has been words of encouragement, enormously generous donations, both financial and material, our supporters have given the Ubuntu Project the wings to fly. The Ubuntu Project has reminded us we are part of a global family, bringing us together with people across the globe from Spain to America, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, and Switzerland. Both local and international support will allow us to continue to deliver organic fresh food boxes with seedlings, seeds, and compost to the most vulnerable members of our communities.