About Us

We are living through an unprecedented global crisis, with food security continuing to be a growing challenge in South Africa. We believe that food gardens are a real solution to mitigate numerous challenges that climate change will continue to pose post-COVID-19. 

SEED Community (www.seedcom.org) established the Ubuntu Project in March 2020. At the height of COVID 19 lockdown, together with Tim Abaa from Tim Nectar Farms, we delivered fresh food boxes to more than 2000 households and provided seedlings and compost so they could start their own food gardens. Today, these households have fresh food to eat. Countless householders are selling their produce and seedlings to earn an income. Some have become our suppliers. 

The Ubuntu Project continues to evolve. Responding to the high demand for our organically-grown vegetables, we now sell our Ubuntu Fresh Produce Boxes directly to the public. When you buy an Ubuntu Fresh Produce Box, you support a vulnerable family to start their food garden with 30 seedlings and 10 kgs of compost. You also assist our hard-working agroecology farmers in the townships and peri-urban areas, initiating a long-lasting footprint in the food system. We welcome our Ubuntu family to join our working bees to assist families with clearing, soil preparation, and planting. 

Through our working bees, we continue to support and teach people to become self-sufficient gardeners and the skills and business know-how to start a successful business.

Food sovereignty means so much more than putting food on the table. It touches the core of human dignity and enables people to become producers within their communities.

The Ubuntu Project is a collective effort. It has required the nurturing of so many elements to give it the nourishment to grow. The Ubuntu Project has reminded us we are part of a global family, bringing us together with people from around the world. We will continue to establish food gardens and offer training with the most vulnerable members of our communities because of this support. The farmers, who nurture the soil, tend to the crops, work with nature's rhythms to harvest the most nutritious and delicious food. Those of you whose words of encouragement and incredible financial generosity has enabled us to bring the project to life. To the recipients whose enthusiasm and determination to start their food gardens will ensure greater food security in their communities in the future. It is these collective actions that celebrate the spirit of Ubuntu.

We want everyone to enjoy the freshest and most nutritious organic produce. These are challenging times, yet when we look closely, nature has also provided us with the seeds of opportunity to embrace our shared humanity and build resilient societies.