The Ubuntu Project



We make it possible for everyone to enjoy the freshest organic produce

The Spirit of Ubuntu

UBUNTU means ‘I am because you are.’ We also believe, ‘We are because the earth is.’ It speaks of our shared humanity and our place on this earth.

Today, we are living through an unprecedented global crisis. In March 2020, SEED Community ( launched the Ubuntu Project., Working together with local agroecology farmers in greater Johannesburg, we provided fresh food boxes and created food gardens with the most vulnerable in their communities. 

Food security is a growing challenge in South Africa. We believe food gardens are a real solution to mitigate the challenges climate change will continue to pose post-COVID-19. It is a way for communities to produce their own fresh vegetables and generate some extra income. As households collect and replant their seeds, the extra seedlings and excess produce can be sold to earn some income.

Since June 2020,  you can buy our famous Ubuntu Fresh Produce box and have it delivered to your door. Every box you buy enables us to donate 30 seedlings and 10kg of compost to communities in need who are keen to grow their own veggies.


We will support each community through the process. We invite you to join our working bees to assist with clearing and planting. It is together we can make it possible for everybody to eat delicious, nutritious fresh organic produce.

Food sovereignty means so much more than putting food on the table. It touches the core of human dignity and enables people to become producers within their own communities.  



 families in need to start their own fresh food garden



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